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About the Diamond Head Hiking Trails

Tourists who want to explore the Diamond Head monument can hike the trail. There is a long trail that leads you to the Diamond Head monument. Before you can visit the monument, you have to pass the Kahala Tunnel. After you pass through the Kahala Tunnel, you will come to the parking lot. After you enter into the crater, the toll collector will collect a $5 from you.  After you have passed the tollbooth, you can start hiking the trail that lead up to Diamond Head.


The 1.6 mile trail will lead you to the summit, which is located about 761 feet from the ground. The trailhead is marked with an E sign. The sign is located near to the comfort station. The beginning of the trail is paved. The latter part of the trail is not paved. There will be many rocks scattered on the dirt pathway. Other things that you will find on the crater floor include koa haole and wild grass.  Besides, you will be able to watch all kinds of wild animals such as doves, geckos and sparrows in the Diamond Head trail. It takes about 5 minutes to pass the paved trail. After 10 – 20 minutes of hiking the dirt trail, you will reach a lookout area. You can stand at this lookout area and watch the scenery of East Oahu. From this lookout area, you can also watch the sunset.


After the lookout point, you will come across the first tunnel. You must climb 74 steps before you can enter into the first tunnel. The inside of the tunnel is not well lit. There are a few light bulbs providing light in the tunnel. The length of the tunnel is 225 feet. As you walk in the tunnel, you will find that the surface is gently sloping. After walking for about 5 minutes in the tunnel, you will come out at the other end. After you have pass through the first tunnel, you will come across another lookout. To reach the lookout, you have to climb 99 steps. It takes about 5 – 10 minutes to climb the 99 steps. After you reach the top, you can take the spiral staircase and exit the lookout point.


The next lookout point is the fire control station lookout. The fire control station lookout point allows you to have a clear view of the Pacific Ocean.  Finally, you have to climb up the 54 metal steps to reach the top of the Diamond Head crater.