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Next you will encounter Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, America's most energetic and exciting national park, where live volcanoes erupt daily it seems. If you are too far away, you may not be able to see the molten lava flowing into the ocean, but if you do get a chance to see it, you will never forget the sight. If you are planning a trip to the park, spend at least three days so you can get the most out of your stay. There is simply too much to see in just one day. Just remember to bring either a jacket or sweatshirt, as it can get downright chilly at night. 

The final destination of interest is Ka Lae. This is much like the Plymouth rock of Hawaii - this was the place where the first Polynesians arrived over 1500 years ago. When standing on this point, you will officially be in the southernmost point of the United States - a claim that Key West, Florida held until Hawaii officially became a state. This is literally the edge of Hawaii, you could actually fall off 500 feet to the ocean below. To the west you will find the ancient fishing village of Waiahukini, which was inhabited from the years 750 AD all the way up to the 1860s. You will find ancient canoe areas, temples, shelter caves and pili grass that litters the area. Following along the east coast you will find that it actually curves inland, revealing a green sand beach - one of a few in the world and one of the main reasons why tourists visit this area. It is a very hard area to reach, only accessible by walking, biking or all terrain vehicles. 

When you come upon Naalehu and Waiohinu, you may think you have fallen off the edge of the world because there is really nothing to see at these locations. You may see the occasional bird flying or the monkeypod tree that was planted by Mark Twain in 1866. There are a few things however, such as a gas station, a couple of restaurants, fruit stands and a few bed and breakfasts. This town is about as far away from civilization as one can possibly be, while still being on the state itself.

Kau is located in the southernmost area on the Big Island. In Kau, there are a number of places you can visit including Ka Lae, Punaluu Black Sand Beach, and Nahuku Lava Tube. Ka Lae is located at the southern area of Hawaii. The town is about 10 miles from Kau. There is no one inhabiting the Ka Lae. It is believed that the Tahitians first landed in Ka Lae when they come to Hawaii. Ka Lae is a national historical landmark. If you have rented a car, you can drive around to explore the area. The region has narrow roads. In the area, there is a beacon lighthouse that serves as warning for the boat. The lighthouse is located near to the Kalalea Heaiau. Kalalea Heiau is the worship place for the pagan Hawaiian god. On the west side of the Ka Lae, there are boat hoists lifting and letting down the boats into the sea. It is not recommended that you swim at the water because there is a strong sea current.

Punaluu Black Sand Beach is the most visited black sand beach in Hawaii Big Island. There are many things you can do at the black sand beach. You can watch the sea turtles and go snorkeling at the black sand beach. You can picnic under the coconut tree at the Punaluu Black Sand Beach. Nearby the beach, there is a freshwater fishpond. The beach is well known for the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. You can view the Green Sea Turtles sunbathing on the sand. Tourists can look but cannot touch the green sea turtles. The bacteria from the human skin can kill the turtles so it is advised that you keep a distance between them when observing. The water of Punaluu Black Sand Beach is protected with a small cove.

Nahuku Lava Tube is a large tube with many magma marks on the sides. If you want to explore Nahuku Lava tube, you have to visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. There is a bathroom within a short distance from the entrance to the Lava Tube. You can also buy some water before entering the Lava Tube. The best time to visit the magma tube is during a sunny day. During a rainy day, the weather can become wet and causes the trail to become slippery. The trail that leads to the tube is paved. The lava tube is well lit with light so you won’t be groping in the dark. The brownish red roots can be seen in certain areas of the lava tub. At the end of the tube, there is a staircase, which you can climb to reach the surface. You will see a gate at the right side when you reach the end of the tube. 

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Large 3 story home located in lower half of subdivision & very private located 300 ft. from street. Wooded lot with greenery along street. First floor is partially encl...

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This 7 room 2 bedroom 2 full bath home was completed and permitted in 2014. Theres tile flooring throughout, a Great Room, Breakfast/Dining area, Covered Entry, carpet in...

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Fantastic opportunity! Possibly subdivide and build 5 homes on 3+ acres zoned RS-7.5 property, or 1 exceptionally large home. Public water and electricity are available....

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TWO homes for the price of one! Outstanding views of South Point and coastline! Located in the lower third of HOVE, near the southern edge of the subdivision AND newly re...

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