Wailua River used to be known as the Wailua Nui Hoana. Wailua Nui Hoana means sacred spirit in the Hawaiian language. The river is about 3.2 km long. There are two river forks including north fork and south fork. The north fork is located nearby the Wai’ale’ale crater. The river beginning from the north form will flow 12.2 miles east. The south fork is located at the junction of multiple streams. The south fork flows 8.1 miles towards the east. There are many interesting tourist destinations near to the Wailua River. The Halokila Hawaiian Village can be found along the river. Another tourist destination you can visit when traveling along the Wailua River include Secret Falls.

Every year, thousands of people take kayak trips to the Wailua River to explore the surrounding Polynesia region. Wailua River is the only navigable stream in Hawaii. Many kayak rental companies are offering kayak rentals to tourists who want to explore the Wailua River. There are many types of kayaks you can rent at the river including single kayak, double kayak and triple kayak. You don’t need to have experiences in using kayaks. It is easy to paddle the kayak upstream because there is a wind blowing from the inland. Many people participate in boat trips to Fern Grotto. The water skiing recreational activity is quite popular among foreign tourists.

The kayaking trip will last for 5 hours. If you take part in a kayak tour, you will be provided with a catered lunch. The catered lunch will include a variety of food including Kauai Cookies, fruits and etc. Free drinking water will be provided to all the tourists who participated in the boat trip. The paddle of the kayak is made from lightweight aluminum so it is easy to row the kayak. Normally, the kayak tour will depart from the Wailua Marina boat ramp. After the kayak depart from the Wailua Marina boat ramp, you will travel 2 miles up the river.  During the kayaking trip, you will get to see the lush rainforest. The guide will lead the tourists through the rainforest, which was once resided by the royalty of the Hawaiian people. Later, the tourists will get to have a dip at the Secret Falls waterfall. If you plan to swim at the Secret Falls, be sure to bring your swimsuits.  You should bring a few water ready clothes, sunglasses and sport sandals when preparing for the Wailua River kayaking trip.