It’s hard to believe that a small beachside town like Kailua still exists, considering that the fast-paced city of Honolulu sits just 12 miles away, on the other side of Ko‘olau mountain. These two communities may be separated by a mountain, but in reality Kailua is a world away from Honolulu; they couldn’t be more different!

The small town of Kailua sits right on the ocean, giving residents and visitors ample opportunity to enjoy the water, along with some of the best beaches in the world. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves and amazing ocean views every single day… this is just one of the many wonderful things you’ll get to enjoy if you buy a home in Kailua. Read on to discover more wonderful things about Kailua and why it’s such a great place to call home.

Why Choose Kailua?

Kailua is such a serene and beautiful place that it probably won’t surprise you to hear that it was a popular destination for vacationing Hawaiian royalty. Nowadays the closest you might see to royalty is the Obama family. They’ve spent their Christmas holidays here seven years in a row. The “Obama effect” has definitely increased awareness of this laid-back beachside town, so there are more tourists visiting than there used to be, but still, this is a quiet piece of paradise compared to the likes of Waikiki. There are no high-rise hotels or condos, just some amazing stretches of sand, and enough places to shop for all your everyday essentials.

But, this isn’t just a place that will appeal to royalty or presidents, in fact, the majority of the roughly 38,000 residents are very down to earth people looking for a quieter life, somewhere they can enjoy the simple pleasures, raise their families, and perhaps commute into nearby Honolulu for work.

As I already mentioned, Kailua is located across the Ko‘olau mountain from Honolulu, so it’s set on the windward side of Oahu, on the southeast of the island. The big city is less than 30 minutes by road, so you can see why plenty of Kailua residents choose to commute to work, especially considering the peace and quiet they come back to every evening. Even with a stressful career, the tranquility you’ll find in Kailua will instantly lower your blood pressure! And the nice thing is, when you need to buy more than just groceries you know you can get to Honolulu quickly and easily for everything you could possibly need. That’s not to say you’ll have to leave Kailua every other day; there are plenty of places to shop here too, as well as low-key places to eat or enjoy a drink, just with a slower pace of life. And the twice-a-week farmers’ market is always a hit!

Great Quality of Life in Kailua

Kailuans are very proud of their town and its relaxed atmosphere, and it’s becoming more and more popular with young families who are seeking a better quality of life. If you’re considering making the move to Kailua you’ll be happy to know that this is a safe and stable community with great schools. There are 13 public schools that cater to the families in town, offering the full range of education from K to 12, and Kailua has high graduation rates. The town is safe, with less crime than in Honolulu or in Hawaii as a whole, and the housing market is very stable, so when you buy a home in Kailua you know you’re making a good investment, but more on that in a moment.

Aside from being a safe and friendly place, living in Kailua means you can enjoy the great outdoors, every day. How many towns can boast two of the best beaches in the world? Kailua can! Kailua Beach and Lanikai Beach front Kailua Bay and are both protected by reefs so the waves are gentle and the beautiful white sands are as soft as powder. Both beaches are consistently ranked within the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Imagine having these beaches as your backyard!

It goes without saying that there are ample activities for residents and visitors to Kailua, whether it’s swimming, snorkeling, surfing or paddle boarding on the water, and there’s plenty of places to hike on dry land including the popular Lanikai Pillbox hike as well as multiple golf courses within easy reach.

Buying a Home in Kailua

By now you’re probably already thinking about moving to Kailua, so you’ll want to know what type of homes you can buy and how much real estate in Kailua costs.

First, it’s important to say that the real estate market in Kailua is booming. While this means that prices are rising due to increased demand to buy homes here, it also means you’re buying a great investment that’s unlikely to drop in value in years to come. Median list prices obviously change by the day, but they are impacted by inventory – the fewer homes listed for sale, the higher the price of those homes. Suffice it to say, for a luxurious and spacious single family home you may need to spend over $2 million whereas you can purchase a condo or townhome for less than a million dollars but these prices will be impacted by how close the home is to the beach and whether it has a view.

On many of Kailua’s residential streets you won’t have to spend quite this much, but it’s important that you work with a realtor who knows Kailua so you can be sure you’re paying the right price for the right property. Give me a call, I’d be delighted to help you find your own dream Kailua home.