Kahala is a neighborhood in Hawaii that is located alongside Waialae and Kaimuki. This small community features lots of beachfront properties, which made it popular for housing the most expensive real estate properties in the state of Hawaii and city of Honolulu. It is also the home of the prestigious Kahala Resort and Hotel, formerly known as the Kahala Mandarin Oriental.  The Diamond Head Crater and the Kahala Mall are also located along its borders. 

Real estate in Kahala

Kahala is also one of the few areas in Honolulu that are fairly flat. It is only five to fifteen minutes away from Waikiki. The district has become a home to secluded sandy beaches. Unlike other beaches in Waikiki, those located in Kahala are rarely crowded. With the most stunning selection of luxury homes, its first real subdivisions were actually built shortly after World War II. In 1970, the housing boom resulted in the demolition of older homes that were too small or too difficult to update. This gave birth to new properties that reflected the opulent dreams of their owners.

Homeowners and residents are a mix of old timers who live in older properties and new arrivals living in large, mansion-like homes. Business moguls and celebrities have also bought luxurious vacation homes in Kahala. It serves as a favorable spot for investors who make a living from buying old houses, fixing them, and selling them for record-breaking prices. In 2006, statistics should that the typical prices of newly renovated homes in Kahala range between $1.4 million and $1.7 million. In this subdivision, ornate gates continue competing with each other’s tropical designs of oversized flora and dancing sea life.

Things to do in Kahala

Whether you are planning to buy a home in Kahala or spend your vacation in this luxurious neighborhood, you will surely enjoy its impressive amenities and breath-taking tourist attractions. The Kahala Beach, a long and wide stretch of white sand beach, is one of the best places in the neighborhood. While a blockade of gated mansions seems to keep it hidden from casual cruisers, the beach is open to the public so you will not have any problem finding it. The beach is usually narrow at high tide but it is usually swimmable. Its wide stretches of pristine beaches are great for romantic strolls, too.

The Kahala Hotel is also a great place for dining, weddings, and other special occasions. The view of the public beach is just as lovely, with islets offshore and adequate parking space for beachgoers. The hotel offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you will certainly have a great time enjoying a great-tasting meal at its beachside bar. Residents and tourists can also get everything they need in the Kahala Mall. From fine dining settings to boutiques and country clubs, Kahala is one of the few districts in a Hawaii that offers everything a tourist or resident might need. 

Kahala is a great place for anyone who wishes to invest in a vacation home, a rental property, or even a starter home. Once you move to Kahala, you can finally enjoy the beauty of Hawaii and make every day seem worth living.