Kapaa is a town in the district of Puna in Kapaahupuaa County. It is situated near to Kawai Nui marsh. Kawai Nui is well known for the oopukuia mud fish. The people claim that the Makalei tree in the Kawai Nui has the ability to attract fishes. After the Makalei tree disappears, the fishes are also gone from the Kawai Nui pond.

Kapaa has a population of more than 9,000 residents. There are a large number of shops, restaurants and accommodation in Kapaa. In the Hawaiian language, Kapaa is defined as solid. The town name is derived from the coast that is lined up with coconut palm trees. The Kapaa coastline offers good view of the water of the Pacific Ocean. If you take a helicopter tour, you will notice that the region has a wedge shape. The wedge land has many mountains and greenery landscapes. The Nonou Mountain, also known as the Sleeping Giant Mountain is situated in Kapaa. From the 19<sup>th</sup> – 20<sup>th</sup> century, the sugar plantation industry experiences a fast growth. At that time, many pineapple fields have been launched as well. The ancient pineapple cannery can be found near to the Pono Kai condominiums. Kapaa is within a short distance from Wailua. Although it has lesser tourist attractions than Wailua, it has a great residential community.

You can take the boat ride from the harbor at Kapaa and go to Oahu. There are many coconut palm trees so you will experience a rich local ambience. Outside of the Kapaa town, you will find many beaches. The beaches near to Kapaa are quiet and not crowded like other beaches on Kauai. You can come to the beach to enjoy the calm atmosphere. Most of the beaches near to Kapaa have strong currents. Because of the strong current, they are not good swimming spots. If you want to swim in the beach, you should be selective of the swimming spot so that you won’t get push by the current into the deepest part of the sea.

If you want to view the scenery, you can take a car tour on the Route 56. There are several bicycle rental shops where you can rent bicycles. You can rent the bicycle and ride on the dirt road to explore the different places in Kauai. As you cycle on the dirt road, you can view the sugar cane plantation. The sugar cane plantation can be found in between Kealia Beach and Anahola. You can explore the region on horseback.