One of the features of Kauai is that it has many rivers. The hundreds of streams and rivers in Kauai make it a suitable site for performing kayaking activity. Kayaking is a great way to explore the coastline of Kauai. In Kauai, there are a few rivers that tourists frequently travel including Wailua River, Hanalei and Hule’la River.


Of the three rivers, Wailua River is the most traveled river by kayakers. The waters of Wailua River are beautiful and calm. Traveling along the Wailua River will bring you pass the Wailua Bay to the Fern Grotto. Besides kayaking at the Wailua River, you can also perform water skiing activities. The Hule’ia River offers good sightseeing opportunities for kayakers. While traveling along the Hule’ia River, you can observe the Kipu Ranch. The scenery of the winding Hule’ia River has been featured in several Hollywood movies such as Jurassic Park. If you take the Hule’ia River, you will reach the Menehune Fish Ponds. The Hanalei River is situated at the Hanalei Valley. Hanalei Valley is near to the Hanalei Bay. If you travel on the Hanalei River, you will be able to discover the mountain base.


The rivers in Kauai don’t have strong currents. Hence, they are safer for travelers who intend to go kayaking. If you want to explore the Hanalei Wildlife Refuge, you can kayak up the Hanalei River Valley. Various types of endangered wildlife can be found at the Hanalei wildlife refuge including bat, coot and etc. Surrounding the wildlife refuge, you will notice mountains that are covered with trees and shrubs. Nearby the mountains, there are several locally cultivated taro fields.


If you are unfamiliar with the place, it is recommended that you participate in the guided Kauai kayak tour. Most of the kayak tours will explore the rainforests, waterfalls and etc. Almost all the kayaking tours operate on the three rivers in Kauai. Tourists can rent kayaks from the Kauai kayak rental companies located along the Napali Coast. The kayaking tours at Kauai are different from the kayaking tours at other islands in Hawaii. If you like kayaking, you should come to Kauai during the summer months. During the kayaking tour, you will paddle up the boat by 3 miles. To explore the beauty of the waterfalls, you can follow the hiking trail on foot.


Normally, the guide of the Kayak tour will bring the tourists to a waterfall. While at the waterfall, tourists can go and swim in it. The kayak tour will include meals for the tourists.  On the way back, tourists will participate in other activities that are included in the kayak tour package. The Kauai Ocean kayaking tour is suitable for tourists that age above 16 years old. You should be fit in order to participate in the kayaking tour. It is tougher to go kayaking in the ocean because of the stronger current. The current of the ocean will flow in one direction. The average distance of the ocean kayaking tour is about 11 miles. Once you begin the tour, you will have no option but to complete it so it is necessary that you have a fit and healthy body. During kayaking, you can look to your left and right to observe the scenery.


Before going kayaking, you need to prepare a few items including flashlight, knife, first aid kit, sea sock, compass, and water bottle, life jacket and weather radio. It is better that you bring along a friend so that both of you can help each other during a crisis.