These are a few tips on how to move your family, pets, furniture, car and other belongings safely over sea and land.

One of the most common challenges that you will face when moving from or to Hawaii even if it's just another Hawaiian Island is getting your belongings and family there. You have to move them safely by sea usually.

To begin with you will want to interview a variety of shipping companies that can meet your needs within your specified budget. You will want to research them and their background as well as feedback from previous customers if possible. You will want to make sure that any company that you are interested in knows your timeframe and budget for this project. A company known as Matson and a few other well known shipping companies provide complete shipping services at an affordable price, extending between Hawaii and the Mainland United States.

Should you ship or sell your belongings? Rather than ship everything some individuals find that it's more economical to sell specific items and replace once they have moved. Items such as older automobiles or items worth just a few hundred dollars should be sold. The shipping on them would be relatively expensive due to their size. If you are moving to Hawaii and certain items that may carry a high dollar price tag should be kept just because the prices in the Aloha State tend to be expensive for manufactured goods.

Time frame for shipping depends on the particular items that are being transported. For example a car or large container of household goods may take as long as four weeks to arrive. Most cars are shipped in a separate container aside from household goods but may allow other things to be packed with it depending on the specific shipping company. Also remember to ask if your items can be delivered to your home.