Waikiki is a popular tourism spot to tourists from the mainland of United States. Everyone knows that Waikiki has many beautiful beaches. Most of the activities tourists can perform are based on the beaches in Waikiki. Near the Waikiki beach at Honolulu Zoo, tourists can watch free movies. Free movies are broadcasted on the large screen at the beach since many years ago. The outdoor movie screen is about 30 feet high. If you want o explore the flora and fauna in Waikiki, you can take a trip to the Honolulu Zoo. The Honolulu Zoo houses a large number of mammals, birds, and reptiles.


If you have never been in a submarine before, you can participate in the Atlantis submarine ride. The Atlantis submarine ride can be taken at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. You can buy ticket for the submarine tour in between 9 o’ clock in the morning to 3 o’ clock in the afternoon. The submarine tour offers you an opportunity to have an upfront experience wit the marine life, coral reefs, and fishes.


The beaches of Waikiki are suitable for beginner surfers. If you haven’t grasped the advanced skill in surfing, the Waikiki beach will be a suitable surfing spot for practicing surfing. Unlike other beaches, the Waikiki beach does not have the high waves that can be dangerous for beginner surfers. Once you paddle out a short distance from the beach, you will meet with moderate waves. If you did not bring your own board, you can rent it at the rental center. You can also learn surfing at the beach. The rental rate for the boards is a bit pricier at the beach. You can rent the board at a cheaper rate if you go to the rental center that is not near to the beach.


Waikiki has a Polynesian Cultural Center that offers information about the history of the Polynesian islands. During the tour, you will get to meet with native villagers and experience their culture. The center offers many interactive activities and shows. You will have the opportunity to learn about the 8 island villages. The newest show is the Ha Breath of Life, which features more than 100 performers on the stage. The entrance ticket cost ranges from $50 - $110 depending on which package you choose. You can buy ticket that includes the charges for the dinner since it is an all day tour.


Tourists can visit the 19th century St. Augustine church in Waikiki. The church is completely made from driftwood. Coconut fronds are used to build the St. Augustine church as well. Later, the local authority renovates it with a firmer structure. Eventually, the traditional architecture style of the church is eliminated.


For entertainment, tourists can watch the hula hula show at the shopping plaza in Waikiki. Boys and girls will be thoroughly entertained when watching the hula hula show. The Luau at Paradise Cove offers a lot of recreational activities such as making lei, throwing spears and etc. While at the Luau in Paradise Cove, you can watch some dancing performances.