Residents will be able to tell you just how close to the action you could be when you live here, especially with its nightlife events that should be perfect for any taste.  Some people actually consider Waikiki as “Vegas on the beach” due to the major hotels built on the sand with upscale boutiques surrounding the area.  Here you will find many signature items, be it Armani, Prada, Gucci or YSL.  

Well-known brands such as Nike and Hawaiian Island Creations can also be found in stores here, as well as around 50 ABC stores. ABC stores are like your typical convenience store, which sells general merchandise, usually anything that a tourist would probably need. You should not be surprised if you see 3 ABC stores in one corner of town!

The eastern area of Waikiki is a place near Kapiolani Park that is filled with lush greens and leads all the way through Diamond Head Crater.  This place is commonly known as the “Gold Coast” because of the several expensive and extravagant oceanfront homes that are built along the coastline. Try wondering how people here earn a living; I’m sure you’ll get the point.