Waikiki is counted among the best locations to spend your leisure in Hawaii. Situated on the South shore of Oahu island, it has attracted millions of tourists from across the world due to its magnificent beach area. In fact, Waikiki Beach is the representative name that the place has won due to its popularity. Originally, Waikiki was the land of fresh streams and water springs, this is the reason why it was given the name of "Spouting Fresh Water" - Waikiki in Hawaiian language.

With the number of tourists increasing every year, Waikiki developed a great network of Waikiki Hawaii real estates along the shoreline, ranging from condos and homes to hotels and high-end villas.
Tourism is the main activity that has poured (and still does) money into the economy of the Oahu island, with Waikiki Hawaii real estate market being on constant development. The history of Waikiki has been written since Hawaiian royalty preferred the place for the beach celebrations as well as surfing activities.
Waikiki shoreline is not very long, with a beach that measures merely 2 miles long and water depth that can be reached at quite a distance from the shore. The beauty of the place is completed by the crystal clear waters with the skyline being beautifully outlined by the famous Diamond Head. Owning a Waikiki Hawaii real estate on the beachfront allows you a quick access to the beach along with the water sporting activities that wait loyally for you.
As mentioned before, the place used to be famous from back in the 1800s, when royalty came for their recreational time performing sport activities, surfing being the most popular. Step by step, the first beachfront hotels were built (around 1880) turning the place in a summer time resort. This happened more precisely in 1893 when George Lycurgus changed the location in a resort.
This fact has attracted more development in Waikiki Hawaii real estate market. Along with the royalty that contributed into making Waikiki Beach a famous place, many local celebrities have visited the place. One of them is the real legendary figure of Duke Kahanamoku, the famous sportsman who invented the so popular water sport - surfing. One can even see the statue erected for his fame and for people to remember him as the "Father of Surfing".
Honolulu is the urban center of Waikiki, and it is known that a part of the fame that is attributed to Honolulu comes from Waikiki Beach that is interspersed with hotels and resorts of great popularity. Every year Waikiki Beach is the host of various events that gather people from all the corners of the world.
One can find outdoor musical shows, canoe races, surfing competitions, as well as hula dances performed almost everywhere in the area. If one can afford it, purchasing a Waikiki Hawaii real estate can be a great investment for now and for future times.