Tunnels Beach is a golden sandy beach situated on the north shore of Kauai. It is called Tunnels Beach because there are many tunnels in the reefs here. The beach stretches over 2 miles. Although the beach has many rocks, many people still like to go there to swim. Tunnels Beach is one of the most popular snorkeling spots in Kauai. You will be able to see various types of underwater marine fishes and corals. If you plan to snorkel at Tunnels Beach, you should bring all your snorkeling equipments such as masks and finds.

Tunnels Beach is famous for the large reef area. The reefs have two sections including inner reef and outer reef. The reef has a half moon shape. The water in the inner reef is shallow. Because the water in the inner reef is shallow, it is suitable for visitors to carry out snorkeling activities. You can let your kids dive and snorkel in the shallow water. If you have advanced snorkeling skills, you can go snorkeling at the outer reef. The outer reef has many lava tubes and arches. In the winter, the water at Tunnels Beach will have high waves. The water condition at the beach is hazardous. If you want to surf, you should visit the beach during winter.

Tunnels Beach is also a surfing and windsurfing spot. The Tunnels surf break is quite popular at this beach. Skilled surfers can surf at the Tunnels surf break. In between the two reefs, there is a channel. The beach is equipped with facilities such as public showers, restrooms and etc. Tourists often visit the beach so you can expect that it will be crowded on weekdays and weekends. After you reach he beach, you will be able to enjoy the Bali Hai scenery. Great white sharks occasionally visit Tunnels Beach. You should be careful and pay attention for dangerous sea creatures when swimming.

If you want to reach Tunnels Beach, you can take the highway that head to Ke’e Beach from Princeville. You should keep on driving until you past Tunnels. After that, you can park at the Heana Beach Park. Tunnels Beach is no suitable for body boarding. The shape of the reefs at Tunnels allows the beach to have nice waves in the winter season. Some of the reefs at the beach are sharp so you should be careful.