Bellows Beach is a popular recreation site in Oahu. It experiences consistent shore break throughout the year. The beach is situated on the windward coast of the island. It has crystal clear water and gentle waves. The gentle waves of the beach allows surfer to surf near to the shore. There are plenty of places for picnicking on the white sandy beach. There are several native trees that provide shades to picnickers at the beach. In the summer season, people will come to swim and surf in the water. The water is shallow and suitable for children. It is not recommended that you surf at the water in between two lifeguard towers. You can practice surf boarding at Bellows Beach if you want.


Visitors are allowed to camp at the beach. Camping gear can be rented from the nearby shops. You should bring your own camping gear if you want to save money. Military personnel can rent a cabin at the Bellows Air Force Base nearby. The campsite at Bellows Beach often becomes fully occupied within a short time. The campsite is occupied almost 100% throughout the year. You will be able to find various facilities including restrooms, showers, and beach shops at Bellows beach. The beach is located near to the highway. Since it is near to the highway, you will hear many traffic noises.


When entering the water at Bellows Beach, you should pay attention to the Portuguese man of war jellyfish. While at the beach, you will notice signs that warn you about the jellyfishes. To avoid getting stung by jellyfish, you should not enter into the water for a week after the full moon. If the jellyfish stings you, the lifeguard will treat you with a minor first aid.  The pupu pani snail is often seen around the man o’ war jellyfish. The snail always clings to the jellyfish. If you see the pupu pani snail, it is a sign that there are jellyfish in the water.


While at Bellows Beach, you can observe many mole crabs on the shore. The mole crab, also known as ala ‘eke crab live near the surface of the seawater. They are often on the lookout for the man o’ war jellyfish as food. When the crab feel threatened, it will jump into the wet sand and hide in it. This is why it is called mole crab.