Waikiki is famous for having the longest stretch of beach in Hawaii. The beaches of Waikiki are often featured on the postcards, calendars and etc. When people think of planning a vacation of Hawaii, they always consider the Waikiki beach first. Everyday, the Waikiki beach is crowded with a lot of people. Some of the popular beaches in Waikiki include Kahanamoku Beach, Kuhio Beach, Fort DeRussy Beach and Royal Manoa Beach.


Kahanamoku Beach is a man made beach located near to the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor and Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort. It is one of the widest beaches in Hawaii. The reefs are protected so it is safe for tourists who want to go swimming. The bottom of the water has a lot of small rocks so it is recommended that you wear protective footwear. You can carry out all kinds of activities at the beach including canoeing, sailing, and windsurfing. Tours such as submarine tours and dinner cruise are available. If you want to go to the Kahanamoku Beach, you can drive along the Kalia Road. Tourists can participate in the King’s Jubilee torch ceremony every night.


Kuhio Beach is situated within a short distance from Sheraton Moana Surfrider Hotel. It is also quite near to the Kapahulu Groin. The beach is named after a prince named Johah Kuhio Kalanianaole. The Prince Kuhio Statue is a popular landmark of the Kuhio Beach. The beach is actually part of the Kuhio Beach Park. While at the beach, you can participate in a surfing lesson. If you want to experience sailing at the sea, you can rent the catamaran sail boat at the rental center. Canoes can be rented at the beach as well. If you don’t want to do any recreational activity, you can stroll at the pedestrian promenade along the beach. You can watch the scenery of the ocean while walking at the pedestrian promenade. At the end of the pedestrian promenade, you can take a dip in the shallow water. All kinds of facilities are available including equipment rental, restroom and etc.


Fort DeRussy Beach is wider than any other Waikiki beaches. The beach park includes a large area that is covered with grass.  It is a perfect place for picnic goers because of the shade trees and large grassy park. The beach is open to the general public for visitation but the FortDeRussy Park belongs to the U.S. military. The white sandy beach is suitable for people who want to bask in the sun. Fort DeRussy Beach is a popular snorkeling location. The coral reef is situated offshore about a few hundred feet so it will be fun for performing snorkeling activities. You can find all sorts of amenities at the beach park including hawker stalls, sports courts, restrooms, BBQ, and etc.


Royal Manoa Beach is formed from two beaches. The two beaches that form the Royal Manoa Beach are Kahaloa Beach and Ulokou Beach. It is a great place for people who want to lie under the shade because there are many trees along the beach. The water is shallow and there is a wide variety of coral.