Ke’e Beach is part of the Ke’e Beach Park in Kauai. It is a popular beach with reddish golden sand. Various types of trees can be found at the beach including coconut palm tree, guava trees and etc. Most people visit Ke’e Beach because of the clear water. The clear water at Kee Beach makes it one of the best snorkeling spot. The beach is reef protected so the water always stays calm. If you dive under the water, you will be able to see all kinds of fishes including butterfly fish, wrasses, and goatfish. There are also other kinds of fishes at the beach. The beach has a sandy bottom so it is suitable for family.

Ke’e Beach is situated at the end of Highway 560. It is one of the most visited beaches in Kauai. Nearby the beach, there is a trail called Kalalau Trail. Kalalau Trail is situated at the west of the beach. Many movies have been filmed at this beach. The beach is perfect snorkeling spot for people who want to explore the underwater fishes. On the left side of Kee Beach, there is an opening called Puka Ulua. You should avoid carrying out swimming activity at Puka Ulua because there is a strong current. The current can sweep you to the deeper part of the ocean. In addition, there will be no lifeguard to oversee you. Ha’ena is located within a short distance from Ke’e Beach.

If you want to get an overview of Na Pali Coast, you can go to Ha’ena. From Ha’ena, you can keep on walking until you reach Limahuli Stream. At Limahuli Stream, you will find the Taylor Camp. Taylor Camp used to be the site where the hippie colony stayed. The brother of an actress called Elizabeth Taylor established the hippy colony. At that time, there are more than 100 residents in the hippy colony. Today, you can no longer see the hippy colony anymore.

On the opposite of Taylor Camp, there is a trail, which you can follow. If you follow the trail, you will come to a religious site called Ka Ulu a Paoa Heiau. The local people dedicated the site to a legendary Lohiau called Paoa. According to the legend, Paoa is a lover of the volcano goddess called Pele. Nearby this area, there is a shrine dedicated to the hula goddess, Laka. The Laka shrine is situated at the back of the heiau.