Secret Beach is a 1.5 miles long soft golden brown beach in Kauai. It is also called Kauapea beach.  It has picturesque scenery so you will surely be able to relax and have an ease of mind here. The water at Secret Beach is subjected to strong currents.  This beach is considered dangerous for swimming because it is not protected from the reef. During the winter, huge waves will be formed and caused the whole beach to be disappeared as water covers up everything. Hence, it is advised that you don’t go swimming at Secret Beach during the winter. Instead, you should just stroll along the beach. If you are an advanced swimmer, you will find it suitable. If you are a novice swimmer, you should stay out of the water. The wave can reach up to 2 feet high during the summer. You can go snorkeling at the beach if you want. There are many beautiful fishes you can view under the water at Secret Beach.

The water condition at Secret Beach is unpredictable. Before you dive into the water, make sure you check with the locals. You can access Secret Beach by hiking a trail located at the end of Kalihiwai Road. The trail is situated approximately 0.5 mile north of Kilauea. It can be difficult to hike down to the beach, as the trail is steep. If you follow the trail on the beach, you will reach the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge. If you managed to reach the beach just after the sunrise, you will see a group of dolphins swimming pass by.

If you keep on walking on the coastline trail, you will come to a waterfall. Secret Beach is nicknamed as nude beach by the tourists. Its location is hard to spot so people like to bathe in nude. Although it is called the nude beach, it is illegal to go nude here. The police will frequently patrol at the beach and demand nude people to get dressed. Secret Beach is often more crowded during the summer. In the summer season, you can carry out various kinds of recreational activities such as snorkeling, body boarding, and etc. From the shore of Secret Beach, you can observe the Kilauea Lighthouse and Moku’ae’ae Island. It is not really a hidden beach. However, it can be harder to access the beach. Because it is harder to access, many people prefer to go to other beaches.