Many people are making Maui their home base. Maui, one of the main Hawaiian Islands has been compared to paradise. Pristine sandy beaches, lush flora, and a variety of ecosystems make this island a delight for tourists and residents. The real estate market in this island is hot, and this is the destination of many tourists and vacationers and the choice of many families to make it home.


Buying a home in Maui will present many of the same issues of buying any other real estate in the United States, with the exception of local laws and regulations. For a prospective home buyer, Maui will present a desirable market, and the need to buy fast when a good deal is found, as buying a home in this island does not come cheap. However, prospective buyers will find many price ranges and the farther away from the touristic areas and the beaches, the less expensive homes will be.


Prospective buyers will also find a variety of architectural styles to suit their taste, many influenced by local culture. Many of the homes in Maui are sold furnished, due to the expense on bringing furnishings and materials to the island. In addition, the layout of the rooms may vary from the traditional home styles found in the main land of the USA.


When looking to purchase a property in Maui, home buyers should familiarize themselves with the different districts and areas, as climate in some areas may vary depending on the elevation and proximity to the mountains or the coast. In addition, the different seasons should be consider, as tourist season may present more traffic and an increase in population, if that may be a concern of the buyer. Some areas may be busier than others are during this season. Proximity to hospitals and ease of transportation may have to be considered as well, as it may differ in high and elevated areas where roads are rougher and there is more time needed to travel to amenities or to a hospital.


In addition, it is important to consult the services of a real estate professional knowledgeable of the area to help with showings and negotiations. The prospective buyer from the main part of the USA will find that the style of real estate agents differ a bit, showing in their relaxed way to dress and a more laidback buying/selling experience.


In addition, prospective buyers should visit the island several times before buying to familiarize themselves with the culture, lifestyle, and local lingo. In addition, they should consider the lifestyle changes that the move will implicate to all members of the family and their long established relationships.