Beaches that are Amazing


Waikiki is the place for those that love the beach or the water sports that are found on these beaches. The waves are amazing allowing for many people to surf and enjoy other spots that are focused on the water. There are also many stunning restaurants around the area that the person can visit and get a delicious meal that they will always remember. Last year alone, seven million people visited the area to enjoy what it has to offer.


The water is great for surfing, as pointed out before. This is actually the birthplace of surfing, meaning that all die hard surfers must visit and surf on these waves so that they too can say that they surfed in the birthplace of surfing. When you first arrive into the Waikiki area you are going to receive a leis with is something that people enjoy as part of their Hawaiian vacation. You are going to feel as if you are the King or Queen of the town when you arrive, which is exactly what people are wanting you to feel.


The background that Waikiki sits on is one reason why so many people visit, the tropical scenery and other wonders of nature create a back drop that you simply cannot get anywhere else. Add into the awesome weather which never gets below seventy degrees nor above ninety degrees is perfect for all those that visit. And since the area is located so near Honolulu, the person is going to find that they can see it all in one visit.


Waikiki has been a place that many people come to visit since the 1860. Many United States soldiers have been in the area where they were stationed. While there has also been many movies and shows that are based on the scenery found in Waikiki.


Resorts in Waikiki are World Class


There are many hotels and resorts in the Waikiki area that have been designed by many famous architects. Some of the best resorts and hotels are the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, and the Moana Hotel Waikiki, which is the prestigious hotel that houses actors, kings and basically any important person in the world.


Each resort has something different to offer those that stay there. Though they are all striving to make sure that you feel as though you are special while in the area. For example, there may be feasts, parades, casinos, night clubs, restaurants, pools, and bars that are located in the hotel for the pleasure of those that stay there. And basically make this a vacation that is utterly perfect.


One of the things that you are going to find in the area is the world's best seafood restaurants. The French cuisine is also something that keeps people coming back since these restaurants are surrounded by the natural backdrop of Waikiki. Which sets the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening.


Surfing in Waikiki: The Capital of Surfing


Since 1950, the town of Waikiki has been the place to go for those that are serious about surfing. Many surfers such as Derek Ho, Laird Hamilton, Andy Irons, Jack Johnson, John Kelly and Margo Oberg have surfed on these waves. This is perhaps the most popular place for people to surf and because of this there are many competitions that are held in the area.


Though surfing is the main sport, there are tons of other water sports to choose from for those that do not surf. For example, swimming, diving, snorkeling, sailing and water polo. And you will also find that the deep sea fishing is the best here.


Waikiki: A Legend


The history of Waikiki includes the Duke P. Kahanamoku, who was the one to revive surfing in Waikiki, his hometown. This sport was invented here almost two hundred years ago. And people are going to find that people still talk of their local celebrity who is also a former Olympic champion. He is an icon in the area and because of his efforts, the area became known world wide for its surfing. He is also considered one of the greatest swimmers of all time.