Kauai is the perfect family vacation spot for local visitors and foreign tourists. Many Americans visit the Kauai islands because they are fascinated with the scenery. Apart from watching the breathtaking scenery, there are many recreational activities you can carry out at Kauai including hiking, windsurfing, scuba diving, camping and etc.


Adventurous tourists can follow the hiking trails to explore the beautiful scenery in Kauai. Kauai has very few road systems. Most of the passageways are trails that are created for hikers. Though it is tiring to travel on foot, the experiences will be rewarding. Before you set out on the hiking trip, you must prepare all the basic equipments including clothes, food, water and other hiking equipments. To learn more about hiking in Kauai, you should obtain the information packet from the Hawaiian Geographic Society. You can learn more information by reading books and magazines that dealt with the Hawaiian hiking topic. There are a number of hiking trails in Kauai including Kukui Trail, Kuilau Ridge Trail, and Kalalau Trail.


Tourists can go windsurfing at the beaches in Kauai. The Kauai beaches that offer great windsurfing spots include Anini Beach Park, Poipu Beach, Kalapaki Beach, Haena Beach and etc. Anini Beach is a very popular windsurfing site because there is more wind at that area. The wind at the Anini beach is consistent so you can surf continuously on the sea without any problem. If you are an advanced windsurfer, you can go to the Haena Beach. It is recommended that you take part in a group windsurfing lesson before going for windsurfing. The cost of the windsurfing lesson is about $85 and above.


Tourists that want to discover the underwater marine animals can visit the beaches at the southern side of Kauai. The waters of the southern beaches have lesser currents so they are safer for scuba diving. The clean seawater enables you to view the fishes clearly. You can view the fishes and other marine lives up to 50 feet below the sea. If you plan to go scuba diving, be sure that you are equipped with good swimming skills. Beginners who want to remain in shallow water need to have basic swimming skills. To protect you from the ultraviolet rays, you can wear a mask and apply the sun lotion.


Kauai is one of the most popular campsites in Hawaii. If you like camping, you can visit the state park or county park. There are a few popular camping sites that are constantly packed with campers every day. Camping sites such as Napali coast are often filled with campers quickly so it is best that you reserve a place a few months in advanced. If you are camping in a less popular area, you should make reservation for the camping spot at least 1 month in advance. If it is the summer season, you should make reservation for 6 months in advance