When one needs to sell his home in Hawaii, he must have a pretty good reason for doing it. Some would consider this option due to the recent divorce they have been through, others because they face a foreclosure. But regardless the reason, they would definitely need to resort to one of these options: through Hawaii real estate agency, by the owner himself or to an investor.

The following lines will describe each of these options to help you make a wise decision regarding the sell of your Hawaii home:
* Selling the home through a Oahu real estate agent - these agents will generally charge you a % of the selling price in order to help you find a buyer. The thing is, hiring a Realtor to assist you with the sell has to be done with a maximum of vigilance.
You will actually entrust a stranger with the sell of your home, therefore the choice of this realtor should b e a completely educated one. You should be well informed regarding the services for in the end to deserve the effort.
* Selling the home by the owner. In this way you will have the total control over the transaction, performing the selling in accordance with your needs and expectations. You should be very realistic with the value of your home for getting the price that you ask.
The good thing here is that you won't have to pay the commission for the realtor, but the bad thing is that you need to be always ready to show the house for various clients. Selling the home to the buyer you will have to fill in the purchase and selling contract and give it to a third party (a title company) who will collect the money for you.
* Selling the home to an investor. There are many Hawaii real estate investors who sell and buy properties on regular basis. There is no need to pay any fee or commission when the transaction is done, because investors are considered buyers who do this: buy the homes that are for sale.
Selling the house to an investor you will get a fast deal where the paperwork is done by the in vestment company. The thing is, investors will always agree to buy the house fast, but at the price they will set for the house, as they do not intend to buy it at the full market value.
These are the options that you are given with when planning to sell your Hawaii home. As a conclusion: for having a real estate agent to sell your home, you should be ready to pay a consistent fee. Selling by owner, you must be ready to face the ups and downs of this initiative, and for selling the house to an investor you must be prepared to sell the home at the price he is willing to offer.