The first and foremost thing you should keep in mind before moving to Hawaii is that it is an island. Even if you are in the largest island of this archipelago you must realize that you can circumvent the whole island within 5 hours. But regardless of the small area, the main concern is the shipping cost required to move to Hawaii from the mainland. This is because freight charges across the ocean are very high. Thus it is advisable to buy new things from Hawaii than to ship everything. The things, which you would require just after reaching Hawaii or which might not be available there locally, should only be transported.

Costs will be higher on moving to Hawaii if you have a family. Transport cost will be more because more tickets need to be purchased. If there are several people accompanying, you will need a large apartment, which will be expensive. The daily need and expense will rise. Conversely if you are single, a small apartment will do. The transport cost will be low in comparison.

If you have a steady job while moving to Hawaii then the high cost of living will not be very difficult to bear. But if you are looking for a job then moving to Hawaii is not a wise decision in this recessive economy. Hawaii is well known for its unemployment and lack of jobs.

The cost of living in Hawaii is very high. The main reason behind this is most of the groceries and stationeries are imported. Thus you should always consider this fact before deciding anything.

Many factors might change depending on where you live in Hawaii. Depending on the island the temperature, type of environment varies. There prevails a huge climatic difference between the two sides of the same island. For example in the Big Island, the Kona side or west side experiences temperature ranging from 75-95 degree Fahrenheit and slightly humid to dry weather. Occasional rainstorms might occur sometimes. But climatic condition is drastically different on the other side of the island that is the Hilo side. On this side 95% rainfall occurs and the climatic condition is very much similar to that of Seattle if it would have been warm throughout the year.

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful and exotic places on earth. The tropical environment there is truly awesome. This island has endless beauty and has always attracted huge number of tourists throughout the year. So no doubt you will enjoy your stay in Hawaii. But you must consider your economic condition before deciding to move there.