Makalawena Beach is a beautiful beach on the Big Island. The beach is easily accessible by tourists. The shoreline is about 0.5 mile to 1 mile. The length of the shoreline stretches over 5 coves. Makalawena Beach is not a crowded beach. Very few people come to Makalawena Beach. Although very few come visit the beach, it offers beautiful view of the scenery. It takes about 20 minutes to hike to the \beach trail. The beach trail begins at the parking lot of Kona Coast State Park. Kona Coast State Park is also called Kekaha Kai State Park. It is situated near to the Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway.

There are two ways to access Makalawena Beach. You can reach the beach by driving to Kekaha Kai Beach. After you reach Kekaha Kai Beach, you should head north to Makalawena Beach. If you want to travel this route, you can start at Highway 19. As you travel on Highway 19, you will see a junction where you can turn into the ocean. The junction is situated in between marker 90 and marker 91. After you turn into the junction, a sign for Kekaha Kai State Park can be seen. The road to Kekaha State Park is not paved but an ordinary vehicle should have no problem in traveling it.  At the end of the dirt road, you will find place where many cars are parked there. If you keep on continuing to walk north, you will see Makalawena Beach. Another way of traveling to Makalawena beach is to drive a jeep there. It is recommended that you use a jeep to reach the beach because the terrain is uneven. 

The water at Makalawena Beach is azure. Within a few yards from the beach, there Isa large coral reef with shallow water. If you like snorkeling, you can dive into the shallow water coral reef. To view the fishes and coral reef, you must swim to the dark colored water. If you swim north, you will be able to see a large multicolored reef. The multicolored reef has many caves. At this snorkeling site, you will be able to see the Hawaiian green sea turtle. In the afternoon, you can sit down on the shore of the beach and watch the sunset. You will be able to enjoy sunset at the Kohala coast. It is also a good kayaking spot. You can rent kayak at the nearby rental centers and explore the beach.