If you are looking to get married, then there is not a better place for it, other than Hawaii. Whether you plan your marriage before coming here or the plan is made after you reach here. You will get the perfect facilities for your marriage whatever your budget is.

After marriage, what else can a person dream of if he is already on a honeymoon spot. In fact, getting the visitors to marry here has turned into a very profitable business. The percentage of visitors getting married here is very high. Many of these weddings here are of the visitors which come here for having the best fun with traveling experience but, due to the always romantic environment and pleasant weather at the island, fall in love with someone and decide to start their married life from this place.

Arranging a marriage in Hawaii is not a big problem. Even if there is no one to assist you to arrange for the marriage and honeymoon plan, you can take the help from the coordinators of the resorts where you are staying. Most of the hotels and resorts have made a separate department for arrangement of the weddings and honeymoon plans of the visitors coming to their hotels. You will have to tell them the budget and they will organize it accordingly. Although gay and lesbian couples are allowed in Hawaii for any kind of activity, but as far as the marriage between the same sexes is concerned, it is not allowed. The only restriction in getting the marriage license, for opposite sexes, is that both people should be over 15 years of age and should have a proof of it.

The only thing you have to do is to contact the Marriage License office located in your area. An agent will be assigned to you who will guide you for the paper work. Instead of depending upon the hotel management to plan your marriage, if you want to organize it your way, then the agent from the Marriage License Office is a good source of information for the best places for marriage and honeymoons. They will tell you the best places according to your budget and requirement whether it should be on a resort, hotel, near a water fall or a beach.

Almost fifty plus companies have been working here for planning the visitors long stay at the Hawaiian Islands. ALOHA WEDDING PLANNERS, AFFORDABLE WEDDINGS OF HAWAII and TRADE WIND CHARTERS are some of the best planners for marriages. Hawaii Marriage Project is also a good source of information for marriages at the Hawaiian Islands. The Kula Cottage, in Kula(Maui) is a very romantic, ideal place for honeymoon for its privacy. It has a full kitchen, gas barbeque, tables, chairs and umbrella, with a row of papaya and banana tree outside the cottage. The most important of all is that it is a 30 minute drive away from the beach.

The Grand Wailea Resort Hotel (Maui) is also a popular spot for the honeymooner. At a small distance from the beach, Wai Ola Vacation Paradise is a residential development in Maui. You can choose whether to spend your honeymoon in one bedroom, honeymoon cottage or a small studio. Other facilities here are free wireless internet, barbeque, tennis courts and above all, beach. Kauai is also a fabulous place for honeymoons. This place has been shot in more than 50 Hollywood films. The importance of this island as a honeymoon spot can be considered by knowing the fact that the movie “Honeymoon in Vegas” (1992), featuring James Caan, Nicolas Cage, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Pat Morita , was also shot at the very place.