Haena State Park is situated on the Na Pali coast. The location of the Haena State Park is near to the beach tunnels. The park covers an area of 5.5 acres. Although it is a small park, local and foreign tourists regularly visit it. Many people come to the Haena Beach to carry out camping activities.  There is a large grassy area where you can picnic. In the grassy area, you will find picnic tables, benches, trees and etc.

Haena Beach has beautiful yellow sand. The beach is clean and the water is crystal clear. If you want to swim at the Haena Beach, you must be extra careful. The reef at this beach is not protected. Besides, powerful waves usually pound against the Haena Beach. The current at Haena Beach is quite strong.

The park is situated adjacent to the Maniniholo Dry Cave. The Maniniholo Dry Cove is approximately 300 yards deep. The cove was formed as a result of powerful surf a long time ago. There is a legendary story behind the Maniniholo Dry Cave. In the legend, a fisherman called Manini-holo decided to dig a cave because he wanted to find the akua beast. The akua beast is a mystical beast that has supernatural power according to the Hawaiian legend. Manini-holo wanted to capture the akua beast because it is eating up all the fishes in the sea. Many years ago, the cave used to have a deeper depth. After the tsunami occurred, the deeper part of the cave was filled with sand. If you want to explore the Maniniholo Dry Cave, you should bring torchlight. Many young people like to go to Haena Beach.

If you want to hike the Kalalau Trail, you can set up camp in the campground at Haena Beach Park. Before camping at the Haena Beach Park, you can obtain permits from the County of Kauai. Haena Beach Park has a distance of 1 mile from the Ke’e Beach. When hiking at the Haena Beach Park, you can explore the forest. The forest is filled of almond trees and ironwood trees. During the winter, there will be fierce waves so it is best that you visit in the summer season. There are lots of rocks on the beach so you should watch out for them. Lifeguards are available to watch over the beach. There are several restrooms in the Haena Beach Park.