There are so many things to do and places to be seen in Hawaii that one thinks that where from ,the journey should be started ?It is better to start from one island,stay and enjoy a whole week in there and then go for the other one. Otherwise ,you will waste your time in boarding your luggage into the planes and boats. But the first thing is that how to reach Hawaii .

You can reach Hawaii through Hawaiian Airlines and Aloha Airlines. These are both inter island services. You can also reach there by some other airlines which offer flight services from Honolulu, Kahului, Maui to Molokai and Lanai .These include go! Express, Pacific Wings ,and PW Express. Although many flights go to the Hawaiian Islands but the gateway to Hawaiian Islands is Honolulu .If time is not a great matter for you then you can save a bit of money by having cheaper fare if you book your tickets in advance. The Honolulu International Airport is located near Pearl Harbor on the south shore of Oahu.

You can f ind the passengers from every part of the world at the Honolulu airport .You will notice that all rental companies have placed their cars and vans at the air port. These vehicles will take you to their restaurants. If you want to spend your journey in watching whales sailing in the ocean ,listening to singing birds of Hawaii ,watching seabirds catching fish from water and enjoying sunsets, then, the ideal way to go to Hawaii is by Ship . In Hawaii, the only operator which operates the trips through ships, throughout the whole year is The Norwegian Cruise Line. Traveling through the two ships, Pride of Aloha and Pride of Hawaii, you will get the chance to explore those islands whichever the ships will stay at night, for rest.