Hawaii Loa Ridge showcases the stunning views of Waikiki and Hawaii Kai on the Southern area of Oahu. As you clamber through its mysterious, tunnel-like groves and grass ridges, you will experience an exhilarating feeling that no other activity could offer. As you get to the top of the ridge, you will also be rewarded with breath-taking views of the south and windward costs. Hawaii Loa Ridge is certainly one of the first places that you should visit during your trip to Hawaii. 

A guide to Hawaii Loa Ridge

A five-mile hike in Hawaii Loa Ridge will be relatively easy for the first few miles. But once you reach the last mile, a challenging, steep climb also awaits you. The hike can also be very strenuous if you suddenly run out of water or snacks before you reach the top of the ridge. Located at the top of the Hawaii Loa Ridge subdivision, you will need to check in with the guardhouse near the entrance of the subdivision before you reach the trailhead.

 Hawaii residents provide access to the hike so you have to make sure that at least one person in your group has a Hawaii state ID. As you ascend the Puuikena Drive and climb your way to Paka Nahele Park, you will also enjoy basking in the friendly heat of Hawaii’s tropical weather. As with any other hiking trails, the trail in Hawaii Loa Ridge is well-marked. The hike starts in wide open, grass ridges and shrubs. It will not take long until you get a nice view of Hawaii Kai to your right.

Sights to see in Hawaii Loa Ridge

As you wonder along the trail’s varying descents and ascents, you will also pass through groves of guava and ironwood. The guava tree tunnel is certainly interesting to look at because the wind eerily buffets the protected tunnel and creates noises that will send chills down your spine. Once you reach the open trails between the groves, you will also see a picturesque valley rich in trees in vegetation as you throw a quick glance to your right. The terrain in this area is probably not as challenging as you expected.

In the open trails, there are also a few steep banks that you might find hard to climb. Ropes are placed around some tree trunks so you can use them to help yourself up. The trail will become steep with very few flat stretches and plateaus. While less hardy souls may want to turn around and go back home at this point, it is best to continue the hike if you want to see the rewarding views at the top of the Hawaii Loa Ridge. As you climb up the steep trail, enjoy the views of Waianae range to the west and Hawaii Kai to the east.

The Hawaii Loa Ridge is actually a hilltop community that consists of large luxury homes. The village offers a wide range of amenities such as tennis courts, a clubhouse, and an amazing view of the Diamond Head and Koko Head crater. However, you will soon discover that there is more to this affluent, residential community once you climb up its grassy ridges and steep trails. Nothing will be more rewarding than reaching the top of the trail and seeing the fantastic view if Koko Marina, Koko Crater, and Hawaii Kai.