Hawaii Kai Schools

Hawaii Kai is home to Hawaii’s most respected schools, including Kamiloiki and Koko Head Elementary, both of which have been performing exceptionally well and have maintained their top position in the school rankings.  Located near Honolulu, Kahala Elementary is also one of the most reputable schools in all of Hawaii. The schools in this part of Hawaii generally have exceptional parental support, which is one of the reasons why it has been able to provide quality education through the years. 

Amenities & Recreation in Hawaii Kai

Hawaii Kai features three premier shopping centers; these are The Safeway Center, The Hawaii Kai Towne Center and The Koko Marina Center.  Many well-known establishments such as Starbucks, Costco, Jamba Juice, City Mill, Panda Express, Common Groundz, Kona Brewing Company Longs, Panda Express, The Shack and Blue Water Grill also thrive in this area of Hawaii. I particularly enjoy hanging out at Common Groundz – a place where you can relax and enjoy a cup of great-tasting coffee while you sit at the marina. 

Hiking enthusiasts will have a great time here, particularly in the lighthouse and Makapuu Point. You might be thrilled to know that it is home to some of Oahu’s captivating landscapes.  Water-sport activities are also something you shouldn’t miss here.  You can find great water skiing spots in the Hawaii Kai Marina, as well as commercial boat rentals, which offer either a dive or ski boat at any time of day.

Hawaii Kai is a place for adventure – it will definitely take your for the ride of your life whether you are a local or a tourist. A very popular snorkeling area on the southern side of Oahu is the Hanauma Bay.  More snorkelers flock this area as compared to other beaches in Hawaii.  And because it is well preserved and protected, Hanauma Bay is literally teeming with a colorful range of fishes and other marine life. 

Body surfing is also a center of attraction here.  The Halona Blowhole in Sandy Beach (also known as “break necks”) offers top-notch body surfing activities, with powerful waves greeting every surfer.  The waves are so great that it quite common for injuries to occur.  Remember, never underestimate the waves here – they can be really that intense. 

Hawaii Kai is also the only exclusive area in Oahu where you can enjoy riding a jet ski and water ski within protected waters such as the Maunalua Bay. For more information Click here