Anaehoomalu Beach is a salt and pepper sand beach located nearby to the King’s Trail. It is located off the Highway 19 in the northwest region of Hawaii. If you follow the King’s Trail, you will be able to explore more than 2 acres of archaeological remains. Some of the archaeological sites you will come across when tracking the King’s Trail include rock shelters and petroglyphs. The beach is suitable for carrying out snorkeling activities as it is protected from dangerous surf conditions. While snorkeling, you will be able to observe Hawaiian green sea turtles. There are hundreds of palm trees to provide shades so it is a perfect spot for relaxing from all your worries.


Nearby the beach, you will find ancient fishponds. The historical pond used to rear mullet during the ancient times. The people raise mullets in this pond for the royalties. Many palm trees can be seen around the pond. With so many palm trees, it will be nice to take photo here. Photographers often come to the Anaehoomalu Bay to take pictures because of the spectacular scenery. From this set, you can watch beautiful sunset.  


Educational plaques that give you tips on the historical ponds can be found in the surrounding area. Some of the facilities you can find at Anaehoomalu Bay are Hilton shuttle phone, windsurfing rentals, sail charters, beach equipment and soft drinks. There are actually two ancient Hawaiian fishponds. Ku’uali’i fishpond is a larger fishpond compare to Kahapapa fishpond. Today, the local fishermen look after the fishponds. This is why the beach is called Anaehoomalu. In the Hawaiian language, Anaehoomalu refers to restricted mullet. Swimming and fishing are not allowed in the ancient fishponds.


There is another shoreline trail that leads to the Hilton Waikoloa from Outrigger Waujikia. Hiking on this trail enables you to pass through various scenery including lava, and tide pools. There are a number of rental facilities and canoe clubs at Anaehoomalu Beach. No lifeguard can be found at the beach so you must be careful. The King’s Shopping Center is located within the proximity. Anaehoomalu Beach is great for swimming because it has calm water in the summer months.


On the other side of Anaehoomalu Beach, you will find many small sea coves. Most of the coves are empty. Many boats will come ashore to Anaehoomalu Beach. In the Waikoloa resort area, you will find many restaurants that serve different types of cuisines. You will also find shops that sell a large variety of stuffs nearby the Anaehoomalu Beach