Hapuna Beach is a sandy beach with 0.5-mile long shoreline in Hawaii’s Big Island. The shore of the Hapuna Beach is about 200 feet wide in the summer. It gently slopes into the deeper part of the ocean. Lush greeneries can be observed around the beach. In the summer, the ocean is calm. The shore is being eroded as time passed due to the high winter surf. However, there is still enough sand for carrying out the recreational activities. Hapuna Beach has a shallow cove with lots of sand on the bottom. Children can play at the water in this cove safely. Professional scuba divers use the cove to teach people to learn how to dive into the water.


If you travel to middle of the beach, you will see a lava promontory. The local Hawaiian fishermen refer the lava promontory as Ihumoku. The local Hawaiian fisherman called it Ihumoku because it looks like the ship bow. The promontory divides the Hapuna Beach into the north end south end. The north end forms the Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area while the southern end has many sea cliffs. You can go to the southern ends and dive into the ocean from the cliffs. The Hawaiian used to dive from the sea cliff by plunging the feet into the water first. If you need help in diving, you can sign up diving lessons and let the professional diving instructors teach you.


Hapuna Beach is consistently voted as the best American beach for many years. You can easily access the facilities at the beach without any problem. Some of the facilities you can take advantage include picnic tables, picnic pavilion, rental shops, and showers. Hapuna Beach is suitable for a few types of recreational activities including swimming, boogie boarding and snorkeling.  You can rent A frame tent cabins at the beach. Occasionally, there will be lifeguards working at the beach. During winter, the ocean will experience dangerous rip currents. High waves will pound against the shores at this time. The height of the wave can reach up to 3 feet so you should stay away from the beach during high surf period. Although the beach has high waves in the winter, visitors are not allowed to surf in the area. Visitors are only permitted to perform body surfing activities at Hapuna. If you want to catch some fishes, you can go to the rocky points. Hapuna Beach receives plenty of sunshine throughout the year because it is located in the dry area of Hawaii’s Big Island.