Hanauma Bay, also known as curved bay is part of the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. It is situated approximately 10 miles from Waikiki. The bay is curved naturally so it is protected from the large waves. Because it is protected, visitors can safely swim in the sea. Beginner scuba divers can visit Hanauma Bay to explore the coral reef. You will surely enjoy the scenery of Hanauma Bay. The floor of the bay is actually a collapsed volcano crater. When the exterior wall of the volcano collapsed, the water of the ocean flushed in and formed the bay. The beach is suitable for a variety of recreational activities including sunbathing, picnicking and etc. There are a few trails near to the coast of Hanauma Bay. Nearby the Hanauma Bay, there is a long ridge where you can view breathtaking scenery of the surrounding region.


Hanauma Bay is open in between 6 a.m. – 7 p.m. It is open daily except on Tuesday. Hanauma Bay is often crowded with people so you should arrive early. People will start coming to the beach early in the morning. The car park is usually filled with vehicles even at an early hour. If you come early, you will not have to stand in a long queue at the ticket booth. You can reach Hanauma Bay via a car or bus. If you want to reach Hanauma Bay by bus, you should take bus number 22 from Waikiki. The bus will pass by Kuhio Avenue to fetch passengers.


If you are driving to Hanauma Bay, you can park at the parking lot of the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. The cost of parking at the car park is $1 per car. The entrance fee is $7.50 per person. Children who are aged less than 13 years old don’t need to pay any entrance fee. There is a snorkeling rental center called Snorkfin Rental where you can rent various types of snorkeling gears. There are also lockers at the beach. You can store your belongings at the lockers if you want to go to swim at the beach. Snorkelers can watch all kinds of fishes at the Hanauma Bay. Some of the fishes you can view while snorkeling at the bay include butterflyfish, Whitemouth moray eel, and green sea turtle, reef triggerfish. Highfin chub, blackside hawkfish, white potted sea cucumber, Hawaiian sergeant and raccoon butterfish. You can obtain the laminated fish ID to identify the fishes at the Hanauma Bay.