Waipio Valley is situated in the Hamakua District in the Hawaii’s Big Island. In the Hawaiian language, Waipio refers to curved water. It used to be the home to many Hawaiian kings. It served as a residence for kings up to the reign of the King ‘Umi. It is well known for the nioi tree. The nioi tree also called Eugenia reinwardti and was the site where the ancient grass palace stands. During the 18th century, Kahekili II launched a raid on Waipio valley. During the raid, he destroyed the four sacred trees.  The floor of the valley is located about 2,000 feet above the sea level. There is a steep road on the southern side that leads to the Waipio Valley. The road is paved and can be traveled by public vehicles. Only four wheel drive vehicles can travel on the road. The road is very steep so you must be careful when driving on it. In fact, it is one of the steepest roads in the United States. The valley has a black sand beach. Many surfers often visit the black sand beach at Waipio Valley. There are a number of taro farms in the valley. There are a few waterfalls at the back of the valley.

Waipio Valley is home to King Kamehameha I. King Kamehameha I was an important figure in Hawaii. He helped to unite the islands in Hawaii.  Waipio Valley, also known as the Valley of the Kings is important in the history of Hawaii. It is well known for the tropical beauty. The valley is about 1 mile long and 5 miles deep. The cliffs around Waipio Valley are about 2,000 feet high. A long time ago, the valley was home to the Native Hawaiians. Nowadays, there are fewer than 100 residents living at area nearby to the waterfalls. You can find Native Hawaiians living at the taro fields. The tallest waterfall on the Hawaii’s Big Island, Hiilawe Falls is located behind Waipio Valley. The Hiilawe Falls is about 1,300 feet high. If you want to see the valley, you can go to the Waipio Valley Overlook at the Hamakua Heritage Corridor drive.

You can tour the Waipio Valley by taking a guided tour. There are several types of guided tours you can participate including van and horse tour. You can explore the valley by hiking the trail. The tour guides can share with you about the historical legends at the valley.