Wailua Falls is one of the most visited waterfalls on Kauai Island. It is a different waterfall than the Wailua Falls in Maui. The waterfall has been featured in the Fantasy Island television show.

Visitors unlike other waterfalls can easily access it. The waterfall is about 170 feet tall. The tiered waterfall has three segments.  In the past, the ancient people jump off the Wailua Falls into the pool below. The warriors jump down from the waterfall because they want to prove that they are brave. During the rainy season, there will lots of water flowing down the Wailua Falls. The trail that leads to the base is a bit slippery so you must be careful. The lookout site is situated near to the Wailua Falls. You don’t have to hike to the lookout area as it is situated close to the waterfall. The top of the Wailua Fall is completely flat. The rocks on the top of the waterfall has several holes due to erosion from hundred of years of flowing water.

You can use two trails to reach the bottom of the waterfall. The first trail is located at the back of the car park. This trail is dangerous because it is steep. Besides, the trail has a lot of mud. It is recommended that you don’t use the trail at the back of the parking lot, as it can be dangerous. The second trail is located about 0.25 further from the parking lot. It is safer to use the second trail because it is less steep. Although the second trail is longer, you can easily hike it without any problem.

You are not supposed to throw rocks into the pool beneath the waterfall. If there is a heavy rain, you should avoid visiting the waterfall because a large volume of water will pour down into the pool. The large volume of water causes the waterfall to have a third tier flow. The safest time to visit the waterfall is when it has a moderate flow.

You can access the Wailua Falls on Highway 56 if you are located in Lihue or Kapa’a. As you drive on the Highway 56, you should head to the Ma’alo Road. The Wailua Falls is located about 2.5 miles from the Ma’alo Road. The best time to visit the Wailua Falls is in the morning because plenty of sun will shine on it at that time.