Not very visited by tourists, this area is more known as a pit stop along the towns of Pahala and Naalehu. Most people stop there while heading towards the Volcano National Park or coming back. However, there are certain areas worth discovering such as an old electricity farm boasting old windmills and beaches that have unique black and green sand, a sight to impress the visitor.


The Kau District is ecologically diverse and it was created from the Mauna Loa lava flows. It is fifty miles from the north to the south and forty miles east to west, and right through the mountains and cool lush forests of the highlands. Its dessert invites death with the rains as the sulfur steams produce deadly rain that does not let anything grow on the land. This chemical dessert does not invite life to flourish in it.


The Kalae district and historical landmark is a special place to make a stop, with its sacred sites, amazing sites, unique beach boasting green sand, and many burial sites and other hidden beaches that remind the visitor of colorful and precious jewels kept hidden to be discovered with awe since the place is not popularly well-known, compared to other areas that attract more visitors. It is recommended to stop at the information Center for tips and guidance. Information from the center can be obtained by calling 929-7142, or for Kau real estate information.


Puuhonua of Honaunau Park and Place of Refuge

This refuge is not in Kau; however, it is worth the cheap admission price. Just as its name suggest, this place was a sanctuary, a refuge for people who broke the law and were waiting to be killed if are caught by the people in charge of enforcing the law in the time of kapu law. This ancient ruling had social class separation of men and women by social status and ruling status. Those who dare break its law where put to death and they tried to reach this sanctuary before they were captured. The park rangers will be able to share many stories and cultural legends and information about the type of rituals that were practiced at the sanctuary. The area is restored and well-kept to be presented as a place of important significance in ancient Hawaiian history.


Puu honua O Honau nau is a large park, boasting several acres of mysticism and history. Here you will find ancient towering tikis, with carvings, traditional huts, canoes, impressive coral walls. A gorgeous setting of palm trees and sunny sky will give immense opportunities to the photograph aficionado. Here you will also find a royal fishpond, canoe moorings, and even burial caves. The area has a few bed and breakfasts such as Dive Heaven and The Cedar House. Through the Dive Heaven B&B, you can enjoy diving tours and diving instruction. The bed and breakfast welcomes people who dive and non-divers as well.


The Beaches 

Many things have been said about the Hawaiian beaches and few beaches around the world can compare to them. Even the desolated and quiet beaches of this area offer some of the best beaches to be discovered and enjoyed by the visitor. The allure of these beaches is in the uniqueness of the sand colors and the fact that they are not crowded, unlike other popular beaches in Hawaii. People who are looking for a different beach experience will love exploring the area. Many visitors who are discouraged by the long drive to the area miss on some of the most especial places and beaches that give you a special and unique experience unknown to many visitors who rushed by the area, but known to lucky locals. You may enjoy white sandy beaches all over the world, but the different and unique beaches of Ka'u can only be found here, and are exclusive to this location - an experience that you cannot get anywhere else in the planet. If different is what you are looking for and you want to be awed by the beauty of enchanting and mystical sands, then you must not miss the enchanting beaches of Kau, even if it will mean driving a little bit more and missing on some other tourist packed location. It will be worth the trip.


South Point

South Point is one of the most amazing archaeological sites, being known as the first landfall to the Polynesian culture. This is a must see if you enjoy the history and cultural flavors, and the mysticism of ancient lures and culture.


The Green Sand Beach

This is one of the most exquisite sites, and especial beaches. The green color of the sand is due to the weathered and particled olivine that has been distributed over time along the beach. The area is easy to reach after a short six-mile hike being located to the east of South Point. A must see if you want to enjoy something different that will awe your senses, a unique experience, a visual treat to the visitor of a feature very specific to the area.


Punalu'u Black Sand Beach

Just as amazing as the green beach the black sand beach of Punalu'u will offer the visitor another reason to admire the hand of nature as it paints a gorgeous scenery with this very dark sandy bay that is lined with palm trees presenting an offering of the coconut fruit. Although unusual for this type of landscape and topography, the coconut trees were able to find a water source on the bay's floor and make this a permanent home to awe the visitors with their presence. In Hawaiian, Punalu translates to Diving Spring, a very appropriate name for the area. There are other surprises of nature, as it should be expected in such dark paradise, such as sea turtles napping on the gorgeous sand.