Opakaa Falls is a popular roadside attraction in Kauai. The term Opakaa is given to the waterfall because shrimps are often seen rolling down into the base of the waterfall in ancient time. In the Hawaiian language, Opaekaa refers to shrimp while ka’a refers to rolling. Opaekaa Falls is located near to the Kuamo’o Road. When traveling on the Kuamo’o Road, you will see a stopping point for the Opaekaa Falls. The waterfall is about 150 foot tall. In the late morning, the sun will shine against the Opaekaa Falls. If you want to take picture of the Opaekaa Falls, you should visit during the late morning. The waterfall flows throughout the year regardless if there is any rain.

It can be dangerous to venture down to the base of the waterfall. The trail that leads to the base of the waterfall is slippery and muddy. Many television shows such as Wackiest Ship in the Army has featured Opakaa Falls. The beginning point of the trail that leads to the Opakaa Falls is the Wailua River. You have to rent a kayak and launch it at a site near to the Wailua Marina. After that, you can take a kayaking trip about 0.5 miles from the Wailua River. You should keep on rowing the kayak until you reach the Opaekaa Stream. You should keep on rowing the kayak until you reach the end. At the end of the Opaekaa Stream, you can tie the kayak to a post on the riverbank to prevent it from getting flushed away. From here onwards, you have to travel on the trail via foot.

If you follow the trail, you will be able to reach the base of the Opakaa Falls within a few minutes. In the surrounding region of Opakaa Falls, you will observe many jungles. If you want to return, you simply walk back through the trail, which you use to reach the Opakaa Falls. There is a hidden trail located near to the two-mile marker of the guardrail. It is recommended that you don’t use this trail because there is a deep stream you need to cross. The hidden trail is owned by the state. However, it is not maintained. There are two women who take this trail and fall off from the top of the waterfall n 2006. To avoid unfortunate events, it is best that you observe the waterfall by the Kuamo’o Road instead of venturing down to the base.