Hawi is a large community located west to Kapaau. King Kamehameha I was born in Hawi. Many historical sites can be found in Hawi. If you want to explore the Hawi historical sites, you can relocate to the Hawi. Every year, the Ironman World Championship Triathlon is held in Hawi. Athletes will cycle from Hawi to the finish line at Kamakahonu.

The cost of living in Hawi is expensive by a few more times compare to the mainland. The property tax in Hawi is low. Hence, your monthly payment for the Hawi real estate will be significantly low. Everything in Hawi will cost more. Because Hawi is a remote area, general items must be imported from the mainland. As a result, the cost of living will be more expensive than usual. You can save money on the heating bill, as there is no need to install the heater. You also don’t need to wear a lot of clothing, as the weather is warm. Most of the general items will cost 20% more. The cost of a used car in Hawi is lower than in the mainland.

If you are moving to Hawi, you should consider getting a job. The job you get should provide enough income so that you can earn a living here. If your company transfers you to work in Hawaii, you can expect to live there for a long time. First of all, you need to decide you want to settle down in which area. You must frequently visit the island so that you can become familiar with the place. When coming to visit Hawi, you need to talk the residents. If you did not visit the place, you will not be able to decide clearly whether you should relocate. After visiting Hawi a few times, you will know which house to buy. 

You can relocate your vehicle to Hawi by hiring a car shipping company. Your vehicle will arrive at Hilo Harbor. You should purchase the no fault insurance before picking up the car. When picking up the vehicle, you need to provide several documents such as military identification, current registration, driver license and private vehicle shipping document. You should spend some time inspecting the vehicle. You are responsible for checking the damages in your car and note them down. You must check the oil and start the engine to see if the car can run properly.