Koko Crater Botanical Garden is located within the Koko Crater landmark. It covers an area of 200 acres. It is well known for the tuff cone plants. The Koko Crater summit is about 642 foot high. There are two craters at the Kojko Head. Since it is in the early stage of development, it is still lack of facilities such as restrooms, and drinking fountains.

While at Koko Crater Botanical Garden, you can hike the 2 miles loop trail and explore the dry land plants. The botanical garden was developed in 1958. It provides exhibitions on a range of dry land plants that are endangered. When you visit the botanical garden, you will be able to see all kinds of plants that grow in desert like surroundings. Some of the different types of plants you can observe at Koko Crater Botanical Garden include cactus, African plants, wiliwili, and Bougainvillea. The dry land plants seen at the botanical garden are from different parts of the world. There are a few plants from the Hawaii islands. The plant collections are arranged according to different geographical regions including Madagascar, Africa and Americas. You should avoid putting the plant into your mouth, as some of the plants are poisonous. You should wear a pair of sturdy walking shows so that you won’t slip.  There are many loose rocks and falling branches on the ground so you must protect your feet with a pair of sturdy shoe.

The inner slopes of the garden feature plants that grow in the crater. On the outer crater, you will find a variety of bougainvillea plants and plumeria. You can take part in the self-guided tour if you want to explore the garden. The self-guided tour will last for 1.5 hours. If you want to participate in a guided tour, you should call the visitor center at the garden. If you want to come to the garden, you can take the Kalaniana’ole Highway. The Kalaniana’ole Highway is located nearby the Hanauma Bay and Sandy Beach. If you follow the Kealahou Street and follow the Koko Crater Stables sign, you will reach the Koko Crater Botanical Garden. The park is open for 7 days per week. It is closed by sunset everyday. During public holidays such as Christmas and New Year, the garden will not be opened. There is a parking lot where you can park your car. You are not required to pay any parking fee if you park at the botanical garden parking lot.