Molokai is ranked is the 5th largest island in Hawaii. It is about 38 miles in length. The highest sea cliff of Hawaiian is found at Molokai. The longest reef, which is 28 miles in length, is also located at Molokai. You can travel around the island by foot and bicycle. If you want to travel by road, you have to take the four-wheel drive. Unlike other islands, it holds true to the traditional culture. The people on the island still live a rural lifestyle. The time at Molokai is different from the time of the U.S. continental. In Hawaii, the time is 5 hours slower compare to the Eastern Standards Time.


There is one airport on the island called Molokai Airport. You cannot take a direct flight from the U.S. continent to the island. However, you can reach the island by changing flights several times. Airplane flight is not the only way to reach the island. You can take boat from several harbors such as Kaunakakai Harbor or Lahaina Harbor. Both Kaunakakai Harbor and Lahaina Harbor are located on Maui. There is a boat called Molokai Princess that passes over the Kalohi Channel in the morning and afternoon. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to travel to the island. Alternatively, you can rent a car to get around the island. The best way to explore the island is by car because there is very little pubic transportation. It is difficult to hire a taxi service so you should make reservation for the car rental 1 – 2 weeks ahead.


On the island of Molokai, there is a wide range of accommodations. Some of the accommodations tourists can find at Molokai include resort, hotel, cottages, beach suites, inn, campground and etc. If you want to experience spending the night in the open air, you should visit the Aqua Hotel Molokai. Hotels that operate businesses on the island include Wavecrest, Kauai Sands Hotel, Dunbar Beachfront Cottages, Marc Molokai Shores Suites, Hotel Molokai Resort and etc.


If you prefer to spend your night under the tent, you can visit the Papohaku Beach Park, and One Ali’I Beach Park. Papohaku Beach Park offers campers the abilities to camp in the tent or vehicle. The cost of entering the park is about $5 for an adult and $2 for children. If you are a Hawaiian resident, you will pay lesser for the entrance ticket. During the holiday, the rate for the tickets will be higher. One Ali’I Beach Park offers great facilities such as barbeque grills, showers, picnic amenities, Ball Park, children playground and etc. If you want to swim in the water, you have to be cautious because the waves can suddenly rise up in a tall height. To avoid high surf conditions, you can visit the place during the winter months.


There are many gift shops at Molokai Island. You can buy all sorts of gift items from the local gift shops such as handicraft drums, cottage décor, homemade food, and etc.