Every year, many tourists go camping at the parks in Kauai. There are two types of parks in Kauai including state and county parks. Some of county camping sites include Lucy Wright County Park, Anini Beach Park and Ha'ena Beach Park and etc. Lucy Wright County Park is situated on the dry side of Kauai. It covers an area of about 4.5 acres. The campground can be found at the western bank of the Waimea River. At the campground, tourists will find several picnic tables to put their food.


Anini Beach Park is situated on the north side of the Kauai coastline. It is well equipped with the general amenities such as cold showers, restrooms, picnic tables and etc. The beach at Anini Beach Park is safe for people who want to carry out swimming and snorkeling activities. The golden sandy beach is 3 miles long and located near to the Pacific lagoon. It is one of the most visited campgrounds in Kauai. Many foreign tourists and local people visit the campgrounds.


Haena Beach Park has a large green field where visitors can camp. If you are looking for a place to picnic, you can go to Haena Beach Park. Just like other parks, it is equipped with cold showers and restrooms. There are several covered pavilions that overlook the ocean and cliffs. From the covered pavilions, tourists can watch the Pacific Ocean and Napali cliffs. Visitors who are interested in snorkeling can walk a short distance to the Tunnels Beach. Hikers who plan to hike the Kalalau Trail can spend their nights at the Haena Beach Park before embarking on the journey.


Besides the aforementioned camping sites, there are other places where visitors can camp including Polihale State Park, Salt Pond Beach Park, Hanamaulu Beach Park, Lydgate Beach Park, Koke’e Stat Park, Camp Slogett YWCA, Hanakoa Valley, Milolii, and etc.


Before you can go camping at the state park, you have to obtain the permit. The county parks permit is issued to the camper within 1 week. It is relatively cheap to obtain the county park permit. Each camper will be charged $3 for the county permits. Campers that aged less than 18 years old will not be charged with any fee for the county park permit. After you receive the county park permit, you are allowed to camp in one location. You can camp at the site for up to 7 consecutive days. The total number of days you camp at the state park must not exceed 60 days. If you want to camp at the state park, you also need to obtain a permit.


The camping permit for state park is free of charge. The county camping permits are issued by the Department of Parks and Recreation in Lihue in Kauai. For the state park camping permit, you need to obtain it from the Department of Land and Natural Resources. Tourists who are planning for a camping vacation in Kauai should submit requests for the permit one year in advance. This ensures that you get a place to camp at the particular state park or County Park.