No other landmark in Hawaii is more deeply associated by people to Oahu than Diamond Head. Despite its name, there is actually no diamonds to be found here, although the people who first came to the place encountered a precious rock known as quartzite, which quite similar to the appearance of a diamond.  

Many well-known schools consider Diamond Head their home, as well as the Kahala Mall, which has an area 1/10 that of Ala Moana Mall albeit in closer proximity for East Oahu residents.

I strongly advise driving along the Diamond Head road in order to appreciate the beauty of the place and to drop by one of the lookouts over the surf.  You will find many novice surfers here as the waves are calmer as compared to other beach areas.  During summertime, the waves can reach a height of around 5 to 7 feet, although the ride is usually sluggish.

During winter, I recommend going diving, as the ocean is teeming with coral reefs and colorful varieties of fish. Kahala boasts one of the most magnificent coastlines in the world, although the spectacular view is usually blocked by the towering gates of mansions and beachfront estates.  Of course, that may not be really surprising considering these homes command price tags of about $5 million; you would expect them to take privacy seriously.


Just beyond Kahala Avenue, a marvellous public beach awaits you, with an ambiance very similar to that of any Oahu Beach, save for the dazzling mansions along the road.  The beaches in Diamond Head are generally rocky rather than sandy, although there are still some areas where your feet can relax in the soft sand.

Golf Homes

 Located at Kahala, Oahu’s first-class private golf course, the Waialae Country Club is home to the annual Hawaiian Open.  This exclusive golf club is open for its members only, who pay around $40,000 membership fee and another $5,000 for annual fees.  Truly, this place is only for the wealthy golf enthusiast.  

The golf course here at the Waialae Country Club is one of the finest that the island has to offer.  The homes surrounding the fairways have spectacular views of the ocean, giving you the best of both worlds on Oahu.  


One the most prominent feature of Diamond Head is the enchanting Kapiolani Park.  The fresh ambiance and lush greens are enough to make anyone’s day unforgettable, whether you are with friends or family.  Simply going a few meters away from Waikiki makes you feel like you’re in a whole new world.  Kapiolani Park is well known for its calm and tranquil environment – qualities embraced by residents of the area.  Events such as NFL pro bowl games, concerts and craft fairs are not uncommon here in the park.  Kapiolani Park is best enjoyed by spending a peaceful and quiet day with your friends or family, play volleyball, or drop by for a surf at Castles, Tongs or Old Man’s.


The major restaurants here at Diamond Head offer its visitors a sumptuous treat no matter what time of day, although there are also small diners that serve hearty meals as well.  Since my family loves Mexican food, we often visit Mi Casa as it offers genuine Mexican cuisine with a relaxing outdoor ambiance.  You can also drop by the Kahala Mall as it houses many restaurants and stores, which means you don’t always have to drive to Pearlridge Mall or Ala Moana.  

Diamond Head Weather

Diamond Head offers its visitors the best weather anyone could ever ask for – with moderate temperatures and cool breeze blowing over the city all-year round.  Rain isn’t that frequent here in Diamond Head and Kahala as compared to the Windward side in Kailua or Kanehoe, and the winds here are not as gusty.  For potential homeowners looking for a property that has dryer weather compared to the Windward side of Oahu, then Diamond Head is the best choice.  It is also much cooler here in this area as compared to the island’s western area.

There are other nice amenties you can find here in Diamond Head and Kahala, but the best part of living here is being close to town which is Honolulu.  You will appreciate going in and out of town easily the longer you stay here in Oahu.