If you want a change of your living environment, you can consider moving to Kohala Coast on Hawaii Big Island. Kohala Coast has a different climate than the U.S. Continental. People who are fed up with the long winter months can come to Hawaii. Hawaii enjoys warm temperature throughout the year. It is quite challenging to move from the mainland to Kohala Coast, as you need to ship your household items across the sea. Before moving to Kohala Coast, it is recommended that you take a vacation on Big Island. If you want to get an idea of what it is like to live on the Big Island, you can speak to the real estate agents. You can also get feedbacks from other people such as business owners. If you plan to work there, you should find out what job opportunities are available. In Hawaii Big Island, the main industry is the tourist industry. Therefore, most of the jobs involve working in hotels.

Kohala Coast is situated on the west coast of Hawaii’s Big Island. It covers the area from the north end of Kona to the town of Waimea in the east. Often, the people refer the coast as Gold Coast because the price of the housing is extremely expensive. A small house in Kohala Coast can cost up to $1 million dollar. It is also referred as Gold Coast because it receives lots of sunshine. There is a low rainfall in Kohala Coast so you can expect sunny climate throughout the year. You can find all kinds of housing including double storey house, condominiums and etc.

The rising number of real estate communities caused the Kohala Coast to experience traffic jams. If you plan properly, you will be able to easily avoid the traffic jam. Most of the traffic jam will occur in the morning and afternoon. When the school session begins or stop, you will experience traffic jam. 

Many people will choose to live on the east coast. This is because the cost of the houses on the east coast is cheaper. The houses are twice time cheaper than the house on the Kohala coast. The problem is that you will experience a lot of rain. The rain will encourage the growth of mold in your houses.  If you move to Kohala Coast, the weather will be drier. If you can’t afford expensive housing, you can move to Waimea town.