Hawaii is the settling place of birds from many parts of the world. BIRDS OF PARADISE is a term that is uniquely used for the birds of Africa which have become permanent residents of Hawaii. Kauai and Molokai, are very popular places among the visitors for birding. Birds with red, yellow, black and combination of these colors like iwi, anianiau and apapane are worth to be seen.

The native birds Hawaiian Honeycreepers ,Monarch Flycatchers, Tropicbirds, Boobies, Cormorants, Frigate birds , Terns, Noddies Gallinules, Coots are very few in number but the non-native species, Shamas , Babblers, White-eyes, Mockingbirds, Mynas, Grass quits, Cardinals, attract the visitors to come and get impressed with these beautiful creatures. The best time for birding in any place is to visit it at sunrise, when birds start their search for food and at sunset, when these come back to their nests. You can see Geese at the Volcano Golf Course.

HAKALAU FOREST NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE is the park made for the endangered birds in Hawaii. Birding can be done on weekends. In Oahu, you can see the non-native wild parrots like Red-masked Parakeet, green parrots with red head and yellow beak. These can be seen in the area around Diamond Head Crater. Red-crowned Amazon is another endangered green parrot with red sign on its head .It can be seen in Pearl city and Mililani. Goffin's Corella is a white parrot found in Malaysia but can be seen here. Panaewa Rainforest Zoo which is the only rainforest zoo is the place for families to see the endangered birds in Hawaii. It is located at the heart of the Panaewa Forest Reserve south of Hilo .

Kahului is another place where you can see endangered black-neck Hawaiian stilt, coots and sparrows. Black-crowned high heron, Hawaiian coot, Hawaiian duck, and Hawaiian stilt can be seen in KIHEI at Kealia Pond National Wildlife Preserve which was set up for the endangered species .Other birds present here are Pacific golden plovers, ruddy turnstones, and wandering tattlers.