Kauai has many fantastic snorkeling spots along the coastline. Some of the places where you will find snorkeling spots include Poipu Beach Lydgate State Park, and Ke’e Beach. Poipu Beach offers a fascinating underwater world for scuba divers and people who like snorkeling. When diving under the water, you can view a variety of marine creatures including dolphins monk seals, and etc. Poipu Beach has white and finds sand. Activities you can perform at the beach include boogie boarding, snorkeling, surfing and etc. The beach is also equipped with facilities such as bathroom, washrooms, and playground for children.


Lydgate State Park’s main snorkeling spot is the two ocean-fed ponds. Several boulders surround the ocean-fed ponds. If you are a beginner, the snorkeling spot at Lydgate State Park will suit your needs. Since it is a protected pool, it is safe for little children. It is suitable for people who simply want to explore the undersea creatures. Lydgate State Park is equipped with a wide range of facilities for tourists. Besides snorkeling, you can feed the fishes with some food you buy from the local shops. You can walk near to the ocean creatures and watch them at a close distance. If you want to see a larger school of fishes, it is recommended that you come in the morning. The fishes usually like to swim close the boulders that surround the ocean fed ponds so it is a good idea to go near there. Occasionally, there will be winds in other parts of the oceans. Even though there are winds, it is unlikely that you will suffer from any injury while watching the fishes. To reach Lydgate State Park, you can follow the Highway 51 or Highway 56.


Ke’e Beach is located at the beginning of the Kalalau trail. It is a property of the Ha’ena State Park. If you travel down the Kalalau Trail, you will reach the Na Pali coast. When hiking along the Kalalau Trail, you can get a glimpse of the breathtaking scenery of the Ke’e Beach. If you want to travel by car, make sure you come early in the morning. This is because the car park will be full of vehicles in the morning. There is another car park further down but it will be far away from the beach. Hence, it is recommended that you park your vehicle at the car park next to the Ke’e Beach. The scenery around the Ke’e Beach is amazing. If you enjoy the scenery of a tropical island, you will truly love the panoramic view here. The sandy beach is brown color and slightly sloped. There are various kinds of fishes you can see under the water. The beach covers a small reef area and has very few corals. Because there are only a few corals, it can be a bit boring to view the underwater scenery. At times, the current on the left side of the ocean will be particularly high. To avoid the high ocean current, you should pay attention for waves that are surfing up the reef.


When going snorkeling, you have to be careful of the coral reefs. The coral reefs have sharp edges that can cut you. You won’t even know if the coral cuts you. Another hazard in snorkeling is the sea urchin. You should be careful of the sea urchin as their spines can shoot in different directions.