Anini Beach is a protected beach located on the north shore of Kauai. The shoreline stretches about 2 miles. It is not a good snorkeling spot because there are many planktons and ocean debris. The plankton and ocean debris prevent the snorkelers from having a clear view of the ocean. However, you will still be able to snorkel in the beach. You will be able to view all kinds of fishes in this lagoon. Some of the fishes, which you can observe, include triggerfish, parrotfish, damselfish and etc. You must be careful when snorkeling in Anini Beach, as there are many sharp corals.


A large fringed reef can be found on the entire length of the beach. Anini Beach has the longest reef in Hawaii. Luxurious homes can be found near the beach. The long reef causes the water at the beach to be calm throughout the year. In the winter, there will be large ocean waves. The condition of the water in the reef can change suddenly without providing any sign. Besides, the water can have strong current occasionally. You must always check with the weather before venturing into the ocean. If you want to snorkel, you should stay in the reef sections that are near to the shore.


The movie called Honeymoon in Vegas is filmed at one of the luxury homes in Anini Beach. On one side of the beach, the water is about 4 feet deep. From that point, the slowly slope down into 100 foot depth to the other side of the beach. There are plenty of Kamani trees in Anini Beach.  


If you want to reach Anini Beach, you should take Highway 56. As you travel along Highway 56, you will past Kilauea. You must pass through the Kalihiwai Bridge and turn right into Kalihiwai Road. After that, you should turn left into Anini Road. Once you have turned left into Anini Road, you can follow the signs to Anini Beach.


Anini Beach gets consistent breeze every day so it is a suitable windsurfing spot. You will be able to carry out all kinds of recreational activities such as kite boarding, sail boarding and etc. High surf waves can be formed in the winter. When there is high surf, the rip current will be formed in the water. It can be dangerous to swim in the channel when the rip current is formed. There have been cases of people getting drowned in the beach so you must take extra precaution.