Napali Coast is actually developed from the volcanic lava spewed forth from under the sea millions of years ago. The lava caused the land to become extremely fertile. As a result, it encourages the growth of many different species of flowering plants. It is estimated that the island of Napali Coast has more than 1300 species of plants. Besides offering a large range of floras and faunas, the island has a beautiful coastline. The beautiful coastline has attracted millions of tourists every year.


There are two ways of getting to Napali Coast. The first method is to travel on foot from Ke`e Beach to Kalalau Valley. For tourists who prefer traveling on foot, they can choose to hike eight miles to the waterfall. Alternatively, tourists can hike for 4 miles to the Hanakapu ai Beach. The Hanakapu ai Beach is only opened during the summer months. It is up to you to continue hiking to Hanakoa Valley but you will need to get a state permit. The trail at Hanakao Valley will come to an end at Kalalau Valley.  The second method of traveling to Napali Coast is through boat. If you want to travel by water, you can rent the boat from the rental center. Several types of boats are available for hire including kayaks, hull rafts, and sailing catamarans. To protect yourself from dehydration, you should drink a lot of water before embarking on the boat journey. Nearby the Hanakapu ai Beach is the Hanakapi ai River. Tourists are advised to not swim at the Hanakapi ai River because of the powerful water currents.


Along the coast of Napali, you will find a fishing village called Nu`alolo Kai. Nu`alolo Kai covers a small area. However, there are many ancient sites you can explore at the fishing village. Archeological evidence found at the site shows that villagers from the twelve-century to the twentieth century were constantly occupying it. The structures at the archeological sites are complex and sophisticated. To explore the site, you can participate in the Captain Andy’s Na Pali Day Expedition.


Tourists can go snorkeling at the Napali Beach. The best snorkeling areas in Kauai are found along the Napali Coast. When diving under the water, you will be able to watch a school of fishes with vibrant colors. The Hawaiian green sea turtle can often be seen grazing on the sea algae. There are a few types of snorkel tours you can participate at the Napali Beach. The snorkel tours will last for 4 hours – 5.5 hours. Anyone can participate in the snorkeling activities. You need to have a basic swimming skill. When going snorkeling, be sure to wear a swimsuit and mask. It is very important that you feel comfortable when wearing the snorkeling equipments. You can also wear waterproof sunscreen to protect yourself from the ultraviolet sunray.


The waters off the Napali Beach are habitats to all kinds of sea lives such as dolphins, whales and etc. Tourists can watch dolphins leaping out of the water while traveling at a fast speed on a motorboat.