You can keep away from many problems ,which are faced by the tourists traveling from other parts of the world to Hawaii, by planning your trip in a good manner. Major of these problems result from the dehydration and the mental stress of air travel and can cause all joys of an adventurous stay at the Hawaiian Islands to vanish.

Most symptoms occur if you travel from north to south or east to west. Every body has its own mental clock associated with the area it is located, and when the location of body is changed, the clock has to synchronize itself with the new location of the body. The first thing you should do is to drink a lot of water during your journey on the plane, it will keep you away from dehydration. You must reset your watch according to the time of Hawaiian Islands and start sleeping well before you start your trip. You can travel on morning flights if you have trouble in sleeping on planes.

When you pay the expanses to the tour management, always ask for the complete schedule and make certain things clear, e.g., there are no hidden expenses, what is the complete schedule and the prices for accommodations in different places .If you are going with your children then do take toys, books, games and other goods which are basic needs of children.

If you are a smoker then there is a bit of problem for you because there is ban on smoking throughout the HAWAII in public places, buses, restaurants, theatres and banks. If you break the law, then you can be fined heavily, but not much to worry about as some beaches do allow smoking. You will just have to find those.

Bringing money in different forms like credit cards, cash and traveler’s checks, on a vacation, is always better. You will find ATM throughout Hawaii at bank, airports and supermarkets. You can also use credit cards but these are very costly. You can also buy traveler’s checks which fall in the range of 20$,50$,100$ and 500$.

You also need to have the health of the fact that US does not offer low cost medical care to the visitors, so if you don’t have it and ,due to any accident, you have to visit a hospital or a doctor, you will be charged very heavily. The last and the most important thing is not to forget take your digital camera along with you to capture moments you will pass on the heaven on earth containing green rainforest ,volcanoes, rugged canyons ,waterfalls and amazing species which you can never find in any other part of the world.