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Information on Seabreeze Apartments

At Seabreeze Apartments, you can enjoy marvelous views of the Pacific Ocean sunset, as it is directly located at Hawaii’s Gold Coast beachfronts. For floor of the building, only one (1) unit is available, but the owner will be so much privileged to enjoy his very own private and breathtaking views of the beach. Although there are no security guards in the area, there is still enough security provided by their surveillance systems, pass keys and locked doors. Each unit you own has its own parking space provided. 

Amenities in the main building itself are not that much, but if you visit their main complex, you will find ample facilities such as recreational areas and swimming pools. You might also be interested in visiting the Diamond Head neighborhood as it features exciting surfing activities, or maybe you love going outdoors, just drop by the very extensive 500+ acre Kapiolani Park.aven for water sports enthusiasts such as surfing. And while you are here, you might also be interested in checking out Kapiolani Park which features wide jogging paths and exercise areas.